Manscaping: Finding The Right Pubic Hairstyle For You


WWN BEAUTY has been inundated with requests to tackle the hair above your tackle, and the age old question of how to style the curly above your wurly.

All men can get self conscious about the tuft of hair north of their penis. how many times have you stared for hours at the forest below and thought ‘it’s time to jazz this place up?’

Well, you’re not alone and WWN is on hand to show off the styles du jour that can really help to make your junk stand out and impress everyone. While there are endless variations, we showcase three must have styles that are a cut, trim and wax above the rest.

The wooly mammoth

Are you lucky enough to have an excess supply of back hair? Well, why not shave it off and glue it to the shaft of your penis. There’s constant pressure for men to be completely shaven, but why not buck convention and load up on hair and give that trunk of yours some wooly coverage. It might just give you the edge in the singles game, and if you’re spoken for; sure isn’t nice to surprise your partner once in awhile. It’s been rumoured for years that this is the style preferred by Prince Harry.

Braid it

The toxic lad mag culture will condition you to feel like your body is grotesque if you have even a hint of body hair, but WWN Beauty rejects such oppressive attitudes to the male body. We can all be proud of our pubic hair, and if you want to grow it out, celebrate it and your maleness. Ornate braiding can be a great expression of pride in your masculinity. Try a French braid, or a more complex Dutch braid, your pubic area is a place for artistic expression and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Brazil Nuts

Jamie Dornan swears by it! Similar to its female cousin, the Brazilian, this waxing option can allow you to explore your fun side. ‘Brazil nuts’ leaves the pubic area as it is except for the testicles, which are waxed to within an inch of their lives. Note those blessed with very furry balls may pass out from the pain when trying to achieve this look.