5 Features Of The “Irish Upgrade”To Kim Kardashian’s Game


SHE’S no stranger to the Emerald Isle having spent her honeymoon here with husband Kanye West, but we had no idea Kim Kardashian loved Ireland this much! The multi-talented reality TV star unveiled a new update to her personal Kim Kardashian game today, featuring Ireland themed costumes, hairstyles and even a “pub” to visit! And that’s not all… you can also experience the following Irish features…

1) You can get into a fight in Temple Bar

No trip to Dublin would be complete without a mass brawl in Temple Bar, and Kim’s game is no different! Guiding your avatar in the famous region will automatically trigger a side-scrolling beat ’em up mode. Swipe up to headbutt a stranger, swipe right to slash someones face with half a pint glass. OMG!

2) You can trace your roots to Ireland

Even someone of Armenian descent like Kim has a bit of Irish in her; guide her around the towns and villages hitting the ‘my great-great-great-great-great-grandmom was from Gal-way’ button, as the cartoon characters roll their eyes at you.

3) You can have your black husband racially abused

Kanye features heavily in the update, and follows Kim through Dublin as passers-by wonder aloud if ‘a white man wasn’t good enough for her’ or ‘who is she trying to impress’. Enter a real genuine Dublin bus on the app to get the full extent of this feature!

4) You can get shit-faced

You can’t spell Ireland without drink, and the Kim game is no different! From a paparazzi-studded sip of a pint of Guinness to falling out of a digital Coppers at 4am, you can drink your fucking digital face off to your heart’s content. Be careful about what happens next though; in true authentic Irish fashion, the game enters ‘she was asking for it’ mode and nobody will believe you if anything happens to your Kim avatar when she’s had a few too many.

5) You can stay in hotels

For the true Irish experience, Kim stays in some of the finest Travel lodges in the country with her two children for an extended period of time. Better accommodation is unlockable, although nobody is quite sure how.

Still missing from this update:

Although people have been having a lot of fun with the new update, there has been criticism about the lack of human rights that your character has. However, you can avail of certain medical procedures in the game if you’ve also downloaded the England update, and the Stena Sealink add-on.