Man ‘Lucky To Be Alive’ After Walking The Length Of O’Connell Street


A LOCAL man is said to be in a stable condition this afternoon following a life-or-death situation earlier today when he walked from one end of O’Connell Street to the other.

Named locally as James ‘Jim’ Harrington, the 45 year-old entered the Parnell Street side of the main thoroughfare of our capital at approximately 2pm, emerging on the end of the street which connects to Liffey around 20 minutes later.

The 547 yard, Garda-free trek, which tests even the hardiest of adventurers was said to be ‘almost too much’ for Harrington, but nevertheless he became the first person to successfully make the voyage with his life intact in over 12 years.

Details are scarce as to what the local businessman encountered during his ordeal, but locals assured a WWN news-team that Harrington was ‘lucky to be alive’.

“It’s been a long time since I saw someone walk the length of O’Connell Street without getting at least a dozen stitches,” said one man we spoke to.

“I don’t know what he was thinking, going out there on that street in the middle of broad daylight. There’s Mujahideen lads that wouldn’t dare make that crossing. He’s a lucky man, I’ll tell you that”.

Harrington is expected to make a full recovery following weeks of rehabilitation, although the psychological scars may never heal.