Attention Seeking Facebook Friend Posts Vague Hospital Check-In


A COUNTY Galway woman has reportedly just checked into her local hospital via Facebook’s check-in feature without even detailing why she’s in there, WWN has learned this evening.

Friends of Catherine Roche immediately responded to the post at 4:37pm with a series of panicked comments, demanding answers about her sudden hospital visit and wondering why she would post something so serious while also being so vague.

‘Private message me’, requested one frantic Facebook friend, adding two minutes later, ‘I can’t get tru to ur fone, pet. Worried’.

Taking two hours to respond, Ms. Roche followed up her previous check in with a photograph of her sitting in a wheelchair, again without any details to explain her presence at University Hospital Galway

‘OMG, just fucking tell us why you’re in the fucking hospital you attention seeking bitch’, another fed up with her bullshit friend wrote, before deleting it two minutes later.

Finally posting a picture of a bandaged finger with the words ‘never cut onions with a blunt knife’, Catherine Jane Roche gracefully put the minds of what she believed to be hundreds of people to rest, happy in the knowledge that 14 of them cared enough to ask if she was okay, thus cementing her status as one of the bigger Facebook attention seekers on their news feed.

Ms. Roche was not available for comment on the incident this evening as she ‘looks a right state’, and would prefer to get her hair and makeup done first before speaking to the press.