Intervention Staged For Local Man Trying & Failing To Make Funny Viral Videos


FRIENDS and family of a Waterford man have staged an intervention in which they confiscated his phone, webcam and iPad, in a bid to stop him posting terrible videos of himself in the hope of ‘going viral’.

With some 12,789 Irish people currently posting videos of themselves filmed at arm’s length while they run through a ‘hilarious’ script that they wrote themselves, Lismore native Sean Henlan took it upon himself to launch ‘Seanz World’, setting up a Facebook page that currently has nine followers.

Featuring the 23-year-old as himself, the 78 videos posted on Seanz World have been received poorly by Henlan’s friends and family, who have taken it upon themselves to ask him once and for all to stop tagging them in the posts and ‘for the love of God, please just stop’.

“It’s hard to not want to give it a go when you see thousands of other people at it,” said Henlan’s mother, sobbing into handkerchief.

“But the difference is, those people have talent; writing skills, timing, editing skills… Sean, well, he’s my son and all, but if I’m being honest, he’s about as funny as a good hard finger-poke to the tit”.

The intervention was brought to a sudden halt when Henlan threw himself through the living room window and made a run for it, recording himself on his iPhone while doing that stupid fucking voice he uses in his videos.