Met Eireann Issue Yellow ‘Puke Flood’ Warning For Galway City Following Donegal Tuesday


GALWAY CITY is to expect large floods of puke this evening following a downfall of drunken students celebrating Donegal Tuesday, Met Eireann has confirmed.

Residents have been asked not to travel due to slippery road conditions, and a boil notice warning has been issued due to overflows of vomit spilling into the sea and surrounding coastline.

Clouds of students are due in from the east following lunch time and will persist throughout the day and into the small hours of Wednesday morning.

Gardai have also asked sober people to be careful whilst out walking on the puke filled streets.

“We believe most of the puke will be laced with donor meat, Jagermeister and garlic mayo, which can make conditions quite dangerous for pedestrians,” said Garda Terry Breen, “the floods should reach peak levels after 2am – when pubs and nightclubs close”.

The puke will be isolated around fast-food outlets across the city, before moving on to the overly priced student accommodation complexes, where it will linger throughout the morning.

Top puke temperatures ranging from 96.6 degrees.