Some Bitch At Work Just Got Huge Bunch Of Flowers


REPORTS are spreading throughout a Waterford solicitors firm that one female employee has received a huge bunch of flowers, as well as a hamper of assorted Valentine’s Day treats delivered by courier to her desk by a husband who clearly loves her very much, unlike the partners of any of the other ladies in the building.

Jane Hanlon, 35, was said to be ‘delighted’ to receive the Valentine’s Day surprise this morning at her desk in Sheering & Malone Solicitors, where she works with five other women ‘who all got fucking nothing’.

As Hanlon offered to share her chocolates with the staff, several women took to the smoking area outside to fume.

“He’s probably cheating on her,” surmised one co-worker, whose boyfriend of four years is expected to give her a card from Topaz later tonight while angling for a blowjob.

“You only ever see a man giving flowers when he’s hiding something. And to do it at work? Attention seeking, much?”

The resulting wave of bitterness currently sweeping through the Waterford office is set to last the rest of the day, as the women of Sheering & Malone Solicitors watch the front door in the hope that their flowers are about to arrive too.