Irish Women Begin Practicing Their ‘Oh Well, You Tried Your Best’ Look Ahead Of Valentine’s Day


A GROWING collective of Irish women are coming together to help one another overcome the usual wave of disappointment that washes over them on Valentine’s Day when Irish men fail spectacularly at all attempts of being romantic, WWN has learned.

“In short, they’re awful eejits, aren’t they,” read a statement issued by the Nation’s put-upon women, who have confirmed they will try their best to appear over the moon when they receive a pair of socks with hearts on them or whatever other grand romantic gesture the misguided men of Ireland have planned for them.

With harrowing first-hand accounts from women of receiving hoovers, washing machines, tickets to UFC fights, car air fresheners and in the most disturbing case a handwritten ‘valid for one sexy dance’ voucher from their partners in previous years, the need to perfect one’s ‘oh well, you tried your best look’ ahead of Valentine’s Day has never been more important.

Experts have urged women to practice their reactions with one another before trying them out on their partners, and to also indulge in saint-like levels of patience and understanding when it comes to receiving a 12ft tall poster of Conor McGregor as a romantic gift.

“We recommend high intensity smile sessions in front of the mirror for 15 minutes at a time,” explained expert in receiving awful gifts altogether, Joanna O’Dowd, “but don’t go overboard with shouting ‘oh my God’ or ‘this what I’ve always wanted, how did you know’. Irish men can be thick, but they’re smart enough to know they’re rubbish at this Valentine’s Day thing, so a polite smile will do”.

Elsewhere, it is believed that one Waterford woman, Angela Hickey, who asked only that her boyfriend Sean Crowley cook her a nice meal at home, will instead have to settle for the gift of having her face tattooed onto Mr. Crowley’s back.