Trump Launches Scathing Attack On ‘Hackers’ Who Wrecked Barron’s Minecraft


PRESIDENT of the United States™ Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to launch another scathing attack on people who he claims are treating his children ‘unfairly’, this time targeting Minecraft trolls who wrecked his 11-year-old son Barron’s constructions.

“Sad people (sic) with nothing to do but mess up my kids hard work. UNACCEPTABLE!! We will make Minecraft great again!!” tweeted Trump, during a briefing concerning some boring government stuff or whatever.

The outburst follows tweets earlier this week in which the president of the free world denounced Nordstrom’s department stores for ceasing to sell his daughter Ivanka’s line of clothing and accessories, causing stock in the retail chain to plummet overnight.

While critics have hit out at Trump for not concentrating on more important things than what his kids are getting up to, supporters of the 45th president have stressed that Trump is “just doing what is right for America”.

“We need a president that knows when to tackle domestic issues and foreign policy, as well as chide private citizens over a perceived mistreatment of his kids,” said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

“A bunch of hacker kids got into the Minecraft thing that Barron was playing with, and really messed it all up. What do you expect the president to do? Let that kind of thing stand? What next? Sharia law? Where does it end?”

Barron was unavailable for comment as he was fixing the damage to his Minecraft, believed to be a virtual representation of a massive wall between virtual Mexico and virtual America.