New Drink Driving Laws To Affect People Who Can Drink Loads Of Pints & Still Be Grand


NEW legislation currently being proposed by Minister for Transport Shane Ross will see a serious clampdown on all people who drive after drinking, even those who insist that ‘they’re grand and are only going up the road a little bit’.

During a speech at a meeting of the Oireachtas Transport Committee, Ross stated that the current numbers of people who persist in drink-driving is ‘unacceptable’, and that new laws would mean that people would be classed as ‘over the limit’ after less than one pint.

If implemented, this could have serious repercussions on people who are ‘grand to drive after a few pints’ and have never hit anyone while driving, not just lightweights and careless people.

The new laws will grant no concessions for people who ‘just don’t want to walk back for the car in the morning’, nor will it give leniency for drink drivers who didn’t even go to a nightclub that night.

“I think it’s a disgrace, to be honest,” said one local man who normally has three, maybe six pints before heading home when the roads are quiet.

“It’s one thing to clamp down on people who drink drive and cause accidents, but it shouldn’t affect those of us who have done this sort of thing for years and never hit anyone. Guards should be instructed to accept that if the driver says he’s grand to drive, then he’s grand to drive, just wave him along”.

The new legislation has also been dismissed by some geniuses for being ‘a cynical ploy to let guards fine more people’, as opposed to something that will help save lives on Irish roads.