Budget Weekend? Check Out This Amazing Cannabis Grow House On Airbnb


FOR many, having their very own cannabis growhouse in a Carlow Industrial estate would be an absolute dream. Now, thanks to Airbnb, you can rent one of the most sophisticated set ups in the country, and it even comes with its very own illegally trafficked migrant, class.

For 300 euros per night between 10 friends, you too can live it up in squalor, maintaining thousands of square feet of high quality cannabis plants for a local criminal gang. While that might seem expensive at first glance, if you split the bill ten ways with friends, it works out at only 30 bucks a night! And you’ll get something way more unique than your bog standard hotel room.

Watch on as your migrant host prunes and manipulates the leaves to increase the yield and thus profits, while he survives on rations and limited amenities as his captors reap millions from his hard work.

Situated in one of the most scenic industrial complexes in Carlow, why not take turns listening to the warehouse radio scanner for Gardai, or just sit back and enjoy the sweet, sweet smell of flowering cannabis, and pray to God the Industrial estate security doesn’t get a waft.

Some of the features include:

  • Electricity
  • 5 premium stainless steel potty’s to share
  • Your very own clippers
  • Loads of lamps
  • Air Conditioning (for plants only)
  • Excellent views of the unplastered walls and cold steel beams
  • CCTV surveillance throughout building

Please Note: Guests will be weighed and searched after stay to ensure no produce is taken.