How To Create Your Own Viral Content Using Screengrab On Your Phone


IT’S everybody’s goal these days to create that one piece of viral content that really strikes a chord with the internet-loving public. A meme, a GIF, a video, a joke… anything, anything at all that will lift your notifications into the stratosphere.

But not everybody has what it takes to tap into the public consciousness and create the perfect piece of viral content… or do they? WWN has discovered a foolproof way to create stunning, hilarious viral bits ‘n pieces using just the screen grab function on your phone.

1) Find something funny

First, find something that makes you laugh; a tweet, a cartoon, a meme… anything at all, just as long as it looks like it might go viral, you’re off to a good start.

2) Screengrab it

Click. Done.

3) Repeat it as if it’s your own

Next, simply post this screengrabbed image on your social media channel of choice, and sit back while the RTS, likes, shares and favs come rolling in.

4) Post credit to the original poster

You’re bound to run into some flack from dry shites who don’t understand the internet, who will want you to credit the person who made the content in the first place. Ugh, fucking content nazis or what? Well, to make things even, post the persons @-name or whatever in the comments section below your screengrabbed image. But like, in a weeks time or so. When you’ve gotten all the good traction out of it.

5) Smash your face with a large rock

This bit is important. Go find a rock and break your fucking face with it.