We Meet The One Man In America Who Isn’t Allowed To Own A Gun


AS the Republican-led Congress in America prepares to roll back on Obama-era regulations that would prohibit people with mental illnesses from purchasing firearms, people around the world are resigning themselves to the fact that there is nobody in America who cannot buy a gun; young, old, rich, poor, sane, ‘a character’… is there anyone that can’t purchase a weapon?

Well, turns out there is one man; Montgomery ‘Monty’ Bellmain from Chicago, Illinois, the sole person on the ‘don’t sell’ list in gun shops across America. WWN took a trip across the pond to see Monty, and find out just why he can’t buy a gun in a country that seems to hand them out like cocktail sausages at a wedding.

“They all know me in here,” said Bellmain, walking us through his local branch of Guns ‘R Us.

“And not one of them will sell me a firearm. It’s the same in each of the 1,937 gun shops here in Chicago, plus in any of the other gun places I’ve tried while on the road around America. It’s mad”.

Although we have a huge list of questions to ask Monty, we start with the most obvious; what’s with the tattoo on his face that reads ‘IF YOU SELL ME A GUN I WILL SHOOT YOU’.

“Oh that? Yeah, I got drunk in college and woke up with that,” laughs the 27-year-old.

“I can’t really afford the laser surgery to get it off, so I just have to put up with it”.

Sensing an opportunity to put this mystery to bed once and for all, we push further on the whole ‘death threat tattoo’ angle of the story.

“Well, I don’t see why that would stop someone from selling me a gun”, Monty snorted, getting annoyed with us.

“They sell guns to literally every other person in this country, and take them at their word that they’re not going to go on a killing spree. 18-year-old college student walks in wearing a heavy metal t-shirt with long dark hair down over his eyes; they sell him a gun. White trash, hillbilly walks in wearing a confederate flag bandana, they sell him a gun. Mother of three toddlers walks in, she buys a gun. Black guy walks in – gun. Me? No guns. Everything about my background checks out, but they see the tattoo and refuse to make the sale. They’re hypocrites”.

“People don’t mind selling guns to people who ‘look normal’ because they can just shrug their shoulders and say ‘how was I to know?’ when the shooting spree shows up on the news the next day. ‘He seemed okay’, ‘his background checked out’, ‘he told me he was just going to hunt elephants’. With me, they have to stop and think. I’ll tell you this much, if Congress worked the same as these gun shop owners and had to actually consider the repercussions of selling deadly weapons to whoever wants them, then gun sales and gun-related deaths would plummet in this country. And who wants that, eh? This is America!”