Judge Who Stopped Muslim Ban Law Placed In Stocks On White House Lawn


INCENSED by the actions of American judge, James Robert, who ruled that the controversial travel ban was unconstitutional, President Donald Trump ordered that he is to be placed on the White House lawn in stocks for at least 100 days, WWN has learned.

Taken from his home in Seattle under the cover of darkness by the CIA and renditioned to the White House lawn, it is believed Judge Robart will be immediately placed in stocks and used to deter the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco from ruling against the President’s appeal on a suspension of the travel ban.

“Yes, I believe the judges of the 9th district should ‘take stock'” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said while winking playfully, much to the horror of all present. Spicer then threatened that President Trump would issue a decree making illegal not to laugh at a press secretary’s jokes.

The Trump administration confirmed that it will place buckets of rotten fruit near the stocks, allowing members of the public to voice their displeasure at a member of the judiciary upholding the constitution.

“What could be more patriotic than hurling rotten fruit at someone trying to protect you from the horror that is this presidency,” Spicer added.

The media were then taken out to the White House lawn to see the President throw the first piece of rotten fruit at a clearly disorientated Judge Robart. However, President Trump’s limp-wristed throws with his tiny hands failed to reach the target despite over 50 attempts prompting Press Secretary Spicer to order the press to delete all footage of the incident.

Crudely altered footage later appeared on Trump’s Twitter account, seeming to show Robart’s head explode after being hit with a tomato as a crowd, not visible on camera cheered loudly and chanted ‘Donald is the best’.