Psychic Tony Stockwell Caught Trafficking Lies At Belfast Airport


BRITISH Psychic medium, Tony Stockwell, has been detained at Belfast airport this afternoon by customs officials following a routine search of his luggage at the arrival gate.

Mr. Stockwell, who is currently on a tour of the UK & Ireland, was stopped and searched at 15:40 after getting off a flight from London. Following a series of questions, customs officers decided to search the author under the suspicion that he was attempting to bring lies into Northern Ireland.

“Upon questioning, the passenger stated that he was a psychic and that he was to appear in front of hundreds of people in Belfast city this evening,” officer John MccRory explains, “Mr. Stockwell claimed he would be talking to audience member’s deceased relatives, so we immediately suspected that he may be full of bullshit, and we had to bring him into the interrogation room to perform a strip search”.

Airport security found several thousand lies on the medium’s person, with even more lies in the form of posters and self-written books in his luggage.

“We found him to be full of shit,” added officer MccRory, “and we believe he intended on spreading this shit to hundreds of vulnerable people in Belfast”.

Police later arrested Mr. Stockwell and charged him with trafficking lies through Belfast airport, but released him pending further investigations into the matter.

Tony Stockwell is also expected to visit Waterford city later this week, where Gardaí have issued a status yellow, countywide bullshit warning for this Thursday.