“If You Get A Facebook Message From Me, Don’t Open It” Insists Local Moron


THE Facebook friends of a local moron are being warned today not to open any messages from the 47-year-old, following a hacking incident late last night.

Martin Grace, who only realised his account was compromised after it was too late, said hundreds of spam messages were sent from his messenger to all the contacts on his Facebook list.

“I think it was probably when I clicked on that unusual looking message from an old school friend that I haven’t spoken to in years,” the absolute tool recalls, now clicking on it again just to be sure, “the link is very suspicious looking, so I clicked straight into it without bothering to check,” adding, “sure it’s Facebook, like, what could go wrong?”

Following his mistake, all 479 of Mr. Grace’s Facebook friends were immediately sent the same link, where 87 have so far clicked, accelerating the virus even more, despite his best efforts to thwart it.

“I posted a status telling everyone to ignore the message, but I think that just made them click it more, out of interest” he concluded.

“I thought it was one of those blackmail things and he was caught with his dick in his hand or something, so I clicked” one friend confirmed, slightly disappointed at the outcome.

Facebook has since urged its users to “exercise some fucking tact” when receiving strange, unsolicited messages from people you would not normally engage with.