How To Tell The Difference Between Dirty Talk & Someone Trying To Pull Off Identity Theft


SEX can be a wonderfully intimate moment in the lives of the participants, an ecstatic break from the drudge of everyday life… or it can be yet another time when a stranger catches you off guard for long enough to mine information that will let them assume your identity and clean out your bank account.

But how to tell when your new sexual partner is somebody who enjoys talking dirty in the heat of the moment, or someone trying to rob you blind?

WWN Sex has compiled the following list of things that someone might say to you during sex, along with a guide as to which ones are probably not being used to secure your vital personal and private information, and which ones are a cause for concern. Study closely!

“Who’s your daddy?”- probably okay.

“What’s my name/Say my name”- probably okay.

“Damn, girl”- probably okay.

“What was your mother’s maiden name?”- cause for concern.

“What was your first pet?”- cause for concern.

“Right there, yeah, right there”- probably okay.

“Do you have different passwords for different email accounts?”- cause for concern.

“Don’t stop”- probably okay.

“Give it to me, come on, give it to me”- probably okay.

“What’s your six least favourite numbers”- cause for concern.

“Bite me… harder!”- probably okay.

“When are you going on holidays, and will your house be empty when you’re gone?”- cause for concern.

Remember; safe sex isn’t just about wearing a rubber johnny. Protect yourself from identity theft.