St. Brigid Still Receiving 15% Less Prayers Than St. Patrick


CALLS for greater equality for working Saints have grown louder this year, after it was revealed that St. Brigid received nearly 15% fewer prayers than St. Patrick last year, despite doing the same job and working the same amount of time.

Although St. Patrick may have a higher profile than St. Brigid, the arguments remain that Brigid, whose feast day is celebrated today, carries a greater workload than her Welsh-born co-saint.

Patrick holds down the role as patron saint of Ireland, whereas Brigid is the patron saint of a number of things, including blacksmiths, children of unwed parents, dairy workers, fugitives, poets, sailors, and many more; leading many people to state that she deserves at least an equal amount of prayer and devotion every year.

“It’s classic gender inequality; same job, different pay,” said one protestor at the Vatican this morning.

“Brigid is being discriminated against just because she’s a woman. Patrick gets parades, drinking sessions, greeting cards, trips to the White House… and what does Brigid get? A cross twisted out of bog weeds by a bunch of schoolchildren, and a rag left out on the windowsill overnight. Enough is enough!”

God was unavailable for comment on the matter, deferring questions to the HR department in Heaven.