Ladder Purchases In Mexico Rise By 9,000%


THERE has been a 9000% rise in purchases of ladders in Mexico in the hours after US president Donald Trump indicated construction of a border wall between America and Mexico could begin in the coming days, WWN can confirm.

President Trump has assembled the greatest construction minds in America to engage in building the wall, which has sparked many Mexicans seeking entry into their northern neighbours to simply buy a ladder.

“Believe me, this will be the best wall in the history of walls. It’s incredible, people will look at the great wall of China and say ‘really, that’s a great wall, I mean have you seen America’s border wall?’ I mean, come on, that’s what they’ll say it’s true,” Trump explained earlier today.

Trump’s administration rubbished claims by his critics that a wall which will cost the taxpayer in excess of $25 billion will be ineffectual and pointless given one third of the border is already covered by walls and fencing while being manned by over 46,000 border personnel, and that immigration between the countries is at its lowest since the early 90s.

Speaking to Mexicans today, WWN learned of a monumentally complex set of tactics and methods illegal immigrants will employ to combat the wall.

“I buy a ladder, I put the ladder on the wall. If the ladder is too small, I go back and buy bigger ladder, I still have the receipt from ladder store,” explained local Juan Hernandez, in an amazing feat of intellectual prowess the Trump administration have been blindsided by.

Mr. Hernandez is not thought to be one of the 5 million Mexicans who have legally entered the US in the last 10 years on a temporary work visa in order to fill farming positions US farmers have been unable to fill with native workers.