How A Botched Colonic Left This Man Inside Out Forever


WITH more and more people opting for alternative treatments for ongoing digestive ailments, including haemorrhoids, bloating and viral infections, colonic irrigation has been the treatment of choice for many. However, for one Waterford man, it was his first and last time getting the procedure.

“They said it would feel a little bit weird, but I didn’t expect this,” Thomas Roche recalls.

Speaking from his now permanent residency in University Hospital Waterford, the 34-year-old described the moment his world turned upside down, or inside out as it happened to be.

“I asked your man at the time if it was dangerous at all; he said no, that it was thoroughly safe,” the John’s Park man continued, “there was a lot of waste being passed through, and he said it was natural to see that much debris from the intestines, but when he left the room to get some fresh towels it all went tits up”.

In the space of just three minutes, Thomas’s life changed forever.

“The yoke got stuck with a big one. I’d say it was that well done steak I got in Spain last year,” he said, “then, all of a sudden, the machine starting ticking over and there was a back up of pressure. I yelled out, but by the time I could finish my scream it was too late”.

Investigators later found that the colonic pump surged and momentarily ‘over-sucked’ while in Mr. Roche’s anus, pulling everything inside, out.

“I remember thinking: it’s gotten very dark all of a sudden, and this excruciating pain followed. I was howling in agony”.

The son-of-two was quickly rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced ‘inside out upon arrival’ (IOUA), before being airlifted to Cork’s inside out treatment facility.

“Unfortunately, when something like this happens, it can’t be reversed,” Thomas explains, weaving back a bandage on his arm to show his inside out skin,”It doesn’t hurt anymore, but I have to wear these bandages all the time, to stop infection. I can’t even walk down the hallway over MRSA fears”.

But it is not all bad luck, as Thomas explains.

“Well, the haemorrhoids cleared right up so I can’t really complain about the whole thing,” he concluded, confirming that he will not be looking for any compensation,”ah Jesus no, sure that kind of money isn’t good for anyone”.