UK Supreme Court Rules Britain Given Last Chance To Unfuck Themselves


IN A HISTORIC court ruling, the UK Supreme Court has confirmed that the British government will have to first seek the approval of parliament in order to enact Article 50 of the EU treaty, thus triggering their exit from the EU.

Experts have confirmed that the court ruling represents the very last chance Britain has to ‘unfuck themselves’, although this still remains a distant possibility.

“Look, no one is going to think any differently of you guys, just put pressure on your MPs, let them know you want to stay in. After that everyone will have forgotten about how you went a bit crazy in the summer of 2016,” explained international treaty expert Hubert Schnell.

In order to ‘unfuck themselves’, a government motion to trigger Article 50 would have to be voted down by the majority of MPs.

A counter motion and bill would then have to be introduced which would outline how Britain could place its tail between its legs and admit it ‘fucked up’ and while that seems unlikely a swell of support for such a move is slowly growing.

“Yeah, let’s unfuck ourselves, I like that idea and that way when I go into the shop and spend sterling, a pint of milk won’t cost me 120 quid in a year or two,” confirmed concerned ‘Remainer’ Allan Young.

Livid hardline Brexit voters have been outraged by the ruling, claiming they voted to leave the EU for this sort of thing and confirmed Britain no longer needed to observe its own laws or carry on as a democracy.

“This ‘democracy’ stuff is a load of foreign mumbo jumbo. I want to leave now. This second. Now,” one Hull based Brexit voter screamed in our general direction.

“I don’t need to read the 43,000 word ruling from the judges to know they’ve been brainwashed by EU foreigners, the nonces,” he added.