Robin Enters Waterford Home Killing 3


GARDAÍ in Waterford have issued a nationwide alert this afternoon following an incident where a small bird casually entered a family home in the east of the city and later killing three of its occupants.

A robin redbreast was later identified by eyewitnesses, with one neighbour stating that the bird flew into the house after several previous failed attempts.

“We believe the robin tried to gain access through the sitting room window first, and kept hitting off of it, trying to break in,” detective Tadgh Browne told WWN, “it then got in through a back door, sending the elderly residents into a terrible frenzy”.

It is understood the occupants were highly superstitious and panicked when the bird entered the house, leaving 67-year-old Theresa O’Brien, her husband John (71) and neighbour Kevin Tobin to fend against the creature for themselves.

“All three victims appeared to have suffered from exhaustion while trying to get rid of the bird and succumbed to dehydration and eventual death,” added the detective, “they were heard shouting at each other to ‘get it out of here before someone dies’ for several hours”.

“This isn’t the first time a robin has been connected to a number of deaths in the area, and we would advise people to keep their doors and windows closed for the time being, while we continue our investigations”.

The bird is believed to have a 20cm wingspan, weighs 16-22 grams, with a brown and grey plumage and a distinctive red breast

Since 2010, over 3,350 deaths have been linked to robin’s breaking and entering into Irish homes.