McDonalds Suing Every Irish Family With ‘Mc’ Surnames


FAST FOOD giant McDonalds has taken its vendetta against Irish food chain Supermacs to new heights with news that it intends to block all Irish people with ‘Mc’ surnames from continuing to use the letters.

“This is a clear attempt by people with ‘Mc’ surnames to cash in on the McDonalds brand and exploit it for financial gain,” confirmed a statement from McDonalds.

The process of taking people to court will begin once McDonalds gets hold of an Irish phone book and finds the page with names beginning with ‘M’.

“If there is any attempt by McNallys, McCarthys, McGinleys and so on to profiteer off the ‘Mc’ trademark will we sue for damages,” McDonalds added.

Responding to these worrying developments a number ‘Mc’ named people spoke to WWN.

“It’s just my fucking name, will ya relax,” Alison McNamee, a Waterford native shared to WWN. “And your food is only shite too boi,” added the woman who if McDonalds attempts are successful will soon be known as Alison Namee.

“Sure then my name won’t make any sense, this is fucking lunacy altogether. What do they think I’m going to do, dress as Ronald McDonald and charge for taking selfies with me… actually you’d make a killing doing that with thick American tourists,” confirmed soon to be Grath, Niall McGrath.

Some solace for ‘Mc’ families can be found in the fact that they will likely be allowed use their full names in jurisdictions McDonalds does not operate in, meaning were families to visit outer Mongolia or the moon, they would be free to go by their ‘Mc’ surnames.