Ed Sheeran To Film Ginger Propagandist Video In Ireland


CONCERN is growing in Ireland that singer and staunch ginger propagandist Ed Sheeran has chosen an Irish location for his next propaganda video, extolling the virtues of Gingerism through the medium of music.

Sheeran, a singer and ginger activist, has used his videos in the past to push a variety of subliminal messages which seek to influence the general public in favour of Gingerism with the ultimate goal being to set up a Ginger Caliphate somewhere in Europe.

“We got the call that he wanted Irish dancers or something, but we know what he’s really after,” a concerned member of the police force told WWN earlier today.

“It all seems innocent, just wanting to film in Ireland, but if you play ‘Thinking Out Loud’ backwards you can hear some ghostly voice whisper ‘kill the non-gingers’. We shouldn’t allow him to film his subtly disguised non-ginger hate films here,” added Noel Reilly, a concerned brunette.

The casting call for the video states it is looking for Irish dancers, however worrying allegations suggest the initial casting calls were written with some additional details in invisible ink which stated ‘also in need of strong, athletic gingers with military training or passion for violence to help overthrow the oppressive anti-ginger movement. The rebellion begins HERE!’

Sheeran has denied the claims that he is a ginger propagandist, despite some critics suggesting he thinks being ginger is ‘fine’.

“Revenge will be in possession of the gingers when we have the blood of the blondes and brunettes on our hands,” Sheeran shared in an Instagram post, refuting all recent accusations.