America Officially Changes Motto From ‘Yes We Can’ To ‘Fuck, What Have We Done?’


AS OUTGOING president of the United States, Barack Obama delivered his final address to the public, the Office for American Mottos (OAM) busied itself getting to work on changing the nation’s official motto ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration on the 20th of January.

While America operated under the vague banner of ‘Yes We Can’ for 8 years, the OAM is tasked with tapping into the collective consciousness of the American people to choose an appropriate slogan which speaks to the hopes, dreams and aspirations of its people.

“I’m not sure they speak of hopes and dreams these days. So yeah, we’ve settled on ‘Fuck, What Have We Done?’ While not as concise as ‘Yes We Can’ we feel it sums up everything quite well,” confirmed chief motto ascriber at OAM Jonathan Jenkins.

It is unclear yet if the American people will take to the new phrase with much gusto, but experts concede it is still a level above previous mottos.

“Sure beats the one we had for George W. Bush anyway,” member of the public Anna Vassau shared with WWN, alluding to the motto under the 43rd president, which consisted of the sound of two flies buzzing around an empty skull.

Earlier frontrunner for the new motto ‘Grab Her By The Pussy’ was discounted as an option after a number of people believed the use of ‘her’ excluded the male gender from the motto.