Millionaire Awarded Trophy For Pretending Good


A VAST ARRAY of entertainment and news outlets have rejoiced at the news that a great many millionaires have been rewarded for pretending good at a lavish Hollywood bash.

Pretending good, referred to in some Hollywood trade papers as ‘acting’, proves of great interest to the public and the media for several weeks every year.

The news that the likes of Ryan Gosling, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Tom Hiddleston and Viola Davis all collected trophies sent internet users into an apoplectic fit of joy, as their fears that these wealthy people would go unrecognized for their ability to act.

“This year’s set of winners was incredibly deserving, they didn’t just pretend well or good, they did so with an exceptional level,” shared entertainment reporter for E! Billy Carp, who almost certainly didn’t watch any film or TV show up for nomination this year.

The millionaires in receipt of little gold trophies spoke at length after being rewarded for pretending good, and were further praised for their ability to wear clothes.

“Oh my God, I want Emma Stone’s dress!” was just one of the tweets shared on social media, praising Stone’s commanding pretending real good in hit movie La La Land.

Other comments on the night praised the Golden Globes Awards ceremony for finally recognising prominent and world renowned millionaires for a discipline that has been long ignored and rarely celebrated.