Local Man Still Working Through Backlog Of Christmas Pints


LOCAL man Fergus Hanley will this weekend attempt to chip away at the list of people he promised to go for ‘Christmas pints’ with in a bid to get the huge backlog cleared in time for St. Patrick’s day.

Dungarvan native Hanley, 36, issued casual invitations for festive festivities to almost everyone he was talking to from November through to Christmas Eve, and followed through on only three or four of those engagements.

With January in full swing already, Fergus is determined to meet his pint obligations in as swift a manner as possible, even if that means going to the pub every night of the week for the next four weeks.

“I’d just say it at the end of every sentence; ‘sure I’ll see you for a pint over the Christmas'” said Hanley, who will  meet people in twos and threes if it comes to it.

“Before I knew it, I had said I’d go for a pint with over a hundred people. Those are legally binding invitations, you can’t just flake out on deals like that. I explained it to my wife, I said ‘look this isn’t something I want to do, this is something I’m morally and ethically obliged to do'”.

Hanley has also confirmed that should the people he invited out for pints be unavailable to come to the pub with him, he will go anyway and ‘have a pint in their honour’.