Like & Share This Post To Win The 6 Counties Back!


THE long-disputed British occupation of over one-fifth of our beautiful country will come to a close tomorrow, following a deal brokered by WWN with the British government which ensures the return of our lands if we can get enough likes and shares on this post!

With other Facebook pages offering free cars, iPhones, supermarket vouchers and cures for AIDS simply by following their page and sharing the link, WWN approached the Brits to see if that mechanism would work to get Derry, Antrim, Down, Armagh, Tyrone and Fermanagh back into the Free State.

Knowing the value of a Facebook like, the British eagerly agreed to release the territory once a set amount of online traction had been reached by the post. They even said they’d throw in an Audi TT while they’re at it!

One lucky WWN reader could be responsible for ending nearly a century of bitter conflict and untie our Nation once again, simply by liking our page, and sharing this post, so get clicking now!

Don’t question if this offer is too good to be true or not; it’s on Facebook, so it must be legit!

And if you want to write a little sob story in the comments about how you ‘never win anything’, then work away! The British government has promised to read each and every comment one by one! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!