Santa To Deliver Way More Presents To Hotels This Year Than Normal


SANTA Claus is set to complete this year’s visit to Ireland in record time, with the big man himself admitting that the amount of children living in emergency accommodation around the country will ‘shave minutes’ off his personal best.

With statistics showing that some 2,200 children will be housed in hotels and other such emergency accommodation centres this Christmas, Santa is sure about cutting down on the amount of separate houses he will have to stop at.

Although the fact that some of these families have been without homes for over a year has baffled Santa, he stated in an exclusive interview with WWN that it will ‘help him make the trip much much easier’.

“I’m getting letters from boys and girls who have been in the same hotel room for the past few Christmases, which is incredible when you think about it,” said Santa, loading up his sleigh.

“You would have thought that something would have been done to get these kids into a proper house at this stage. But hey, I’m not complaining; if it means stopping at one hotel instead of 56 separate houses spread all over town, I’m all for it. The less taking-off and landing again that my reindeer do, the better. It’s hell on their knees”.