Mountjoy Inmate Furious At Missing Christmas Party Due To Early Release


AN inmate at Mountjoy has written a strongly worded letter to the parole board, to ask why he’s being released from prison two days before the “epic” annual jail Christmas party.

Sean Sheriton, 31, is currently serving an 8-month sentence for battering an old woman half to death in her home during a robbery in January, but will be released next week for ‘good behaviour’.

This has irritated Sheriton greatly, as it means he will miss one of his favourite nights of the year, the ‘joy Christmas party, for the first time in 9 years.

“To whom it may concern,” wrote Sheriton, who currently has 97 previous convictions.

“I wish to have my release postponed until after the Christmas party, because me and the lads want to get fuckin’ wrecked together. I have been in and out of Mountjoy for the past 9 years, and I have never missed the Christmas party once”.

“I know you have to get me out for overcrowding or whatever, but I would ask that you take into consideration the fact that I’m a total bollocks and I really like getting drunk with the lads. If I’m released I might have to find some other way to pass the time and you know how that usually works out, LOL”.

Sheriton has stated that he may have to ‘do a screw’ in order to keep his place in prison for the party, adding that ‘it would probably only add a fortnight’ to his overall sentence.