Taoiseach In Silicon Valley To Promote ‘Pay Whatever Tax You Want In Ireland’ Initiative


PROMOTING Ireland as a business destination today in Silicon Valley, Taoiseach Enda Kenny could barely contain his excitement when explaining Ireland’s innovative approach tax to leading tech bosses.

Afforded an audience with leading American tech company bosses, Kenny wasted no time in explaining the often misrepresented tax arrangements of large multinational companies operating in Ireland.

“We call it our ‘pay whatever tax you want in Ireland’ initiative,” the Fine Gael leader explained to a large audience of business owners and operators, backed by a large chart detailing the complex workings of Ireland’s taxation measures.

“See this bit here is the 12.5% corporation tax,” Kenny explained with the aid of a large pointer, calling on all his experience as a primary school teacher in order to hold everyone’s attention.

“And here is the other bit, this bit is the part where you pay whatever you like and we pretend like we don’t know you’re doing it. Now, I’d like to see you fuckers come up with an app that allows for that much room for user choice,” Kenny added.

Kenny then went on to mention a government backed app named ‘Recovery’, which issues users with a reminder every 60 seconds that ‘the recovery is going’ in Ireland and needs to ‘keep on going’.