Scotland & Ireland Confirm Brexit Strategy Will Involve Watching Braveheart Over Pints


A CLEAR and concise Brexit strategy shared by Ireland and Scotland has emerged in the past 24 hours following Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to Dublin, WWN can confirm.

“Few cans, whack on Braveheart, laughs at the English,” confirmed Sturgeon in a joint statement with Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan, “with a laser like focus to be applied to the scene in which we show our arses to the jumped up toffs and the bit where Ireland and Scotland chillout together instead of fighting each other,” the statement continued.

While light on details, the Brexit strategy has already been implemented by both countries and declared an overwhelming success.

“We can talk open borders, movement of people, economic concerns til the cows come home,but wouldn’t ye rather see the part in the movie where English turn white as sheets when the Irish join us,” Sturgeon added.

Both countries stressed that they would avoid watching the bit ‘where it all goes tits up for Mel’ but would use their deep seethed mistrust of the English and enjoyment derived from laughing at them ‘for the greater common good’.

“Go on, tell Theresa May we’re getting on like a house on fire, guarantee you she shits herself, go on,” Sturgeon concluded, flanked by Minister Flanagan, who was just happy to be involved in something important.