Meet The Real Life ‘Paw Patrol’ That Mauled A Mugger To Death


WATERFORD city turned into ‘Adventure Bay’ for a while today, after a man mugging an elderly was ripped to shreds by a real life ‘Paw Patrol’ consisting of six vicious dogs who were being walked by a local man.

Parents across the country will be familiar with the antics of Marshal, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma and Skye, the band of friendly puppies who protect the town of Adventure Bay with their pal Ryder in the astonishingly popular CGI cartoon Paw Patrol.

Although the dogs who bit the Waterford criminal to death in the People’s Park today weren’t equipped with fire fighting equipment or transforming kennels or the like, they had the tooth power to inflict unsurvivable injuries on the man as he ran away from the scene of his latest crime.

“I was walking Vick, Grimm, Teeth, Razor, Bernie and Shep when I seen yer man rob the old woman’s purse,” said Keith Hanlon, owner of the dogs.

“So I said ‘get him lads’, and away they went. Bit the fuck out of him, so they did. As he lay bleeding on the ground, I retrieved the old lady’s bag, gave it back to her, had a smoke, petted the dogs, read the paper, and then rang an ambulance for himself”.

Hanlon has stated that he and his dogs will be in the park every day from now on, to see if they can prevent any further crime.

“No job too big, no pup to small and all that,” said Hanlon, hugging his blood-covered pooches.