Trump Frantically Googling What The President Does


AS THE wave of euphoria and protests which greeted his election victory have died down, Donald Trump gave consideration for the first time to what the actual jobs, tasks and responsibilities a president had.

Crouched out of the view of his family and campaign staff, Trump began searching various Wikipedia entries in a bid to find out just what he is expected to do come his inauguration January 20th.

Reading that his inauguration was penciled in for the end of January, the president-elect then began googling once more in an effort to pin down what exactly an inauguration is.

“Shit,” Trump muttered under his breath after realising the job extended beyond repeating the phrase Make America Great Again for 4 years straight. Trump was then further frustrated when a search for ‘wet T-shirt competitions – White House law’ returned no results.

It is believed current US President Barack Obama met with Trump yesterday to discuss the transition of power between the two, in a meeting that should have lasted 10 minutes.

“Barack kept mentioning things like ‘policies’ and ‘responsibilities and specific terms relating to governance, but Trump simply spent the next 90 minutes repeatedly asking ‘yes, but what does a president do?'” explained a White House aide, privy to their conversation.