Dad Not Sure If Match Attax Collection Is For Him Or His Kid


THE father of one Waterford boy has admitted that he may have gotten more invested in the collection and completion of a set of Match Attax trading cards than his son, to the extent that he may have to go to Match Attax Anonymous meetings to wean him off his 3 euro a day habit.

James Farrelly began collecting the popular Topps trading cards after his 7-year-old son Cian expressed an interest in them early last year, and has confessed continuing the purchase of cards even after Cian lost any heed in them.

Tramore native Farrelly admits that at one stage he was up to two packs a day, and always made sure to tell cashiers in newsagents that the cards were ‘for his son’, even though he wasn’t buying anything else at the time.

In an emotional confession, Farrelly admitted that he was chasing a collection like his 1990 Panini sticker album which he never completed, and begged his family to help.

“I kept saying, ‘Cian just needs a Paul Pogba’… but it was me. I needed Pogba,” said Farrelly, 38.

“I was kidding myself that I could stop at any time, but those Topps people, they know how to keep you hooked. It’s a sickness, so it is. A special, foil-backed limited edition 101 sickness”.

Farrelly then went on to present a shoebox full of doubles, if anyone wants swapsies.