“The Thought Of A Finger Up My Hole Is Worse Than The Thought Of Prostate Cancer”


ALTHOUGH over 3,000 men in Ireland are diagnosed every year with prostate cancer, one Waterford man is steadfastly refusing to undergo the testing procedure that could save his life because he’s “fucked if some doctor is fingering his arse”.

At 42, David Gennon from Ardmore, Co. Waterford, is right in the demographic of men that should undergo a regular prostate check-up, a simple examination that can help spot the early warning signs of the second most common cancer in Irish men.

Balking at the fact that the check-up involves a medical professional carrying out a digital examination of the rectum, Gennon has made it clear that he’d rather take his chances with cancer than endure mild discomfort for less time than it takes to tie a shoelace.

“Christ, the fucking thoughts of it. A whole finger, up the arse. No way,” said the soon to be ex father-of-three.

“Not a chance. It’d be like going to the dentist, but for your hole. Granted, if they found anything – they could treat it quickly because the earlier you treat these things the higher the survival rate is, but nah… Finger in the arse. I’m too much of a man to let someone do that to me”.

For more information as to how having your arse fingered for two seconds can save your life, visit HERE.