Government To Set Up Independent Body To Intimidate Garda Whistleblowers


IN response to the criticism levelled at the Government and Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan for the treatment endured by Garda whistleblowers, the Fine Gael led government has confirmed its intention to set up an independent body to handle all future intimidation of whistleblowers.

Despite being urged for several years to act on the reports that gardaí reporting wrongdoing within the force have been hounded and harassed by colleagues, it is only now the government has bowed to pressure.

“We admit it is not the best use of guards time or resources. We want to see Gardaí given every opportunity to do the job they are so good at, and this will free them up from the endless paperwork involved in writing threatening letters to colleagues who think it’s wrong to break the rules,” Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald explained to the media.

The independent body will first be trained in by gardaí who stand accused of spreading false and malicious rumours to undermine whistle blower’s claims of corrupt practices.

“The new body will bring peace of mind to both harasser and whistleblower, and we’re happy to be able solve the problem that has so disturbed and troubled the public,” the Minister added.

The government also confirmed they would have acted on the claims of Garda intimidation sooner, but they were brought to their attention by TD Mick Wallace and they don’t listen to him.