Putin Spotted With Nuclear War For Dummies Book


IN THE most worrying sign of nuclear war to date, Russian President Vladimir Putin was snapped leaving the Kremlin today with what appears to be a Nuclear War For Dummies book, sending the world’s media into a frenzy.

Casually carrying the bright yellow coloured guide, Mr. Putin refused to answer reporter questions as to why he was carrying such an obvious statement, instead making bomb noises with his mouth.

“Fadump!” he replied to one photographer, who continued snapping as he asked the premiere what his intentions were in the middle east.

“Boom! Bang! Whooooosh!” Mr. Putin exclaimed again, this time winking strangely and tipping his nose as if knowing something no one else knew, before then making descending airplane noises, “Neeeeaaaaaahrrrroooooh fump!”

Since the incident, the photograph of Mr. Putin has gone viral across the planet, with British tabloids currently publishing up to 43 thousand Nuclear War articles every 60 seconds, many of which establishing the end of the world to be sometime next week, or however long it takes the Russian president to complete the step-by-step guide.

More as we get it.