British Who Voted For Europe Now Intolerably Smug


AS economic turmoil is set to engulf Britain and render it a post-apocalyptic landscape reminiscent of Mad Max, the 48% of the electorate who voted in favour of staying in Europe have issued a stark ‘we told you so’ boast.

Sterling has slumped to a seven year low against the Euro and Tesco has blamed the weak currency on their reported shortage of goods, leading to those who voted to remain in Europe to rise above the petty squabbling and declare ‘we fucking told you idiots this would fucking happen’.

Imbued with the divine power that comes from being able to predict the future, Remain voters have seen their egos and sense of self satisfaction rise to toxic levels, but thankfully Britain will receive no fines for the emissions as they will soon be free of silly EU directives on the environment.

“OK, so I voted to leave out of ignorance because the Polish lad next door to me looks a bit, ya know, Polish, but to rub the fact I have assisted in the country’s potential financial ruin is a bit harsh,” Daniel Borley explained to WWN.

However, Remain voters have insisted they will not reduce their public displays of smugness anytime soon.

“We fucking told you this would fucking happen, you fucking idiots,” they repeated.

“Look, now that we’re fucked, our smugness derived from knowing we were right is the only thing we have left and we’re not giving it up”.