Reports Of Clowns Spotted In Leinster House


FOLLOWING an eerie outbreak of clown sightings across the world in recent weeks, Ireland has joined the list of countries where the creepy figures have appeared, with reports suggesting that large numbers of them were spotted in Leinster House.

The strange phenomenon was first reported in America, where a number of kids made claims that people dressed as clowns had tried to lure them into the woods with sweets and cash.

Copycat sighting spread across the States before reports came in from the UK and mainland Europe, with details scarce as to who was behind the prank or why they were doing it.

However, the news that clowns have been spotted in the Irish houses of parliament is especially noteworthy due to the sheer number of them, with one eye-witness claiming that there was up to 158 clowns on the premises.

“You can see them from time to time, skulking around in the shadows,” said Eoin Lavery, who drew attention to the spooky sightings.

“Men, women, young, old… just a mix of these creepy looking ghoulish clowns. Some of them spotted us and tried to lure us to them with promises of fixing roads and cutting taxes, but we knew it was a trick and kept our distance”.

If one of these clowns should come to your door or post a leaflet through your letterbox, please ignore it completely.