Man Not Sure Why He Took The Back Off The Remote Control


A WATERFORD man has confessed to not knowing just what compelled him to remove the back cover of his remote control while watching TV recently, adding that he may have some sort of addiction to doing it.

Sean Lynch, 27, was sitting watching Gogglebox with his wife in their Dunmore East home last night, when Sean found himself picking up the remote of his Samsung telly, flipping it over and sliding the cover off with his thumb.

Having satisfied himself that yes, the remote has batteries and yes, the cover comes off, Lynch replaced the cover and continued his night’s viewing, with nothing on his mind except a nagging compulsion to do the same thing with the Sky remote as well.

“I just found myself sliding off the back cover, playing with it a bit, then clicking it back on,” said a visibly shaken Lynch.

“If I’m truly honest with myself, I do it all the time, and I have no idea why. Even if I’m in someone else’s house, I just lift their remote and take it apart. Give the batteries a roll with my thumb, then put it down. I think I need help. I’m going to start watching telly while wearing boxing gloves”.

Remote control battery cover removal is on the rise in Ireland, with experts confirming it to be the number one reason most remote controls have their covers held on with sticky tape.