Up To 87 People Affected By Yahoo Hack


THE personal details of dozens of people were leaked online in what is being described as the worst hack in the history of the search engine Yahoo, WWN can confirm.

Details of the 2014 hack emerged earlier this week, but are only becoming widespread knowledge today due to the fact that only 200, maybe 300 people use Yahoo, tops.

87 people have been directly impacted by the hack, probably carried out by a lonely teenage boy named Toby who had nothing better to do on Saturday.

Thousands of confidential emails, most of which simply read ‘hi, I don’t use my yahoo, you can get me on my gmail’, were left wide open for the hackers to look at before shrugging their shoulders and moving on to something else.

“To get more information, simply go to Yahoo and search ‘yahoo hack’,” said one Yahoo representative.

“Or if that doesn’t work, try ‘Yahoo hack account’ or ‘hack yahoo account details’, ‘hack yahoo news’… some combination of those words. It wasn’t on the first page of results, so try flick around and see what you can find”.

Those affected by the leak have been advised to change their passwords, or if that’s too much hassle then just add a zero to the end of their existing password.