Big Sam Secretly Filmed Talking About How Shit England Are At Football


SPECULATION on the future of Sam Allardyce has been rife in the sport media following a sensational undercover sting operation carried out by The Daily Telegraph revealed he believed the English national team to be a bit ‘shit’, while lesser allegations of corruption and bribery also surfaced.

“There is absolutely no basis in fact for Big Sam’s claims that England are fairly crap at football, this is a disgrace. Taking money to offer advice and exert your influence in murky transfer dealings is one thing, but come on we won the World Cup in 1966, we’re a footballing giant,” one rational England supporter shared with WWN earlier today.

Allardyce, in a bid to save his job, has denied the allegations and calmly threatened to ‘headbutt any daft pillock’ that repeats the accusations.

While The Telegraph’s covert filming reveals that the world’s largest and most celebrated sport, which is flooded with money, appears to be drowning in dodgy dealings, the public’s outrage has been saved for Allardyce’s bizarre opinions on English football.

“He said we probably didn’t play all that well at the Euros, that’s some unpatriotic bullshit, the FA should sack him twice, three times if they can,” shared another fan who had posted ‘murder Sterling’ on his Twitter account shortly after England’s loss to Iceland earlier this year.

UPDATE: The FA are currently holding emergency meetings at Wembley in a bid to formulate a statement which claims England are still great at football. They are expected to reference winning Le Tournoi de France in 1997 as part of their defence.