Snapchat Glasses Further Proof We Need Prayer In Schools


THERE has been renewed calls to bring prayer back to schools following the unveiling of a new pair of sunglasses that allows users to upload video directly to the popular social media platform Snapchat.

With millions of mostly-young people using Snapchat on a minute-by-minute basis to send and receive pictures of genitals, the new sunglasses opens up a whole new world of teenage debauchery to flood the internet.

Before the unveiling of the glasses, which come fitted with a camera and a flash, Snapchatters had to make do with only one hand free to fiddle with themselves while operating their phone with the other hand.

Now that they have both hands free, concerned parents are aghast at the notions of what their kids will be sending to each other, and have come to terms with the fact that there’s only one thing that can get this generation back on track; prayer.

“Okay, we let them do whatever they wanted for a few years and this is where it has led us; dicks everywhere, ” said one parent, while buying a catechism for her 17-year-old daughter.

“We thought it would get better, but the unveiling of these 130 dollar sunglasses just proves everything is getting worse. They just keep inventing new ways for our kids to slide into the mire. I was okay with selfie sticks, but these glasses are a step too far. I’m not religious so I have been always against prayer in schools, but now I can see the church being right all along”.

New Religious Education modules are being drawn up at the moment, with specific emphasis on keeping the kids from asking each other to ‘send nudes’.