Man Utd Fans Make Glorious Return To Facebook


THOUSANDS of delighted Man United fans made a glorious return to social networking sites today to gloat about winning their latest game of football.

Facebook users were greeted by thousands of grammatically incorrect posts relating to various stages of their home win against Leicester City at Old Trafford.

“GET IN THERE!!!” wrote one brave fan early in the game, before adding 10 minutes later,”Fuck u Liverpool cunts! Where are the doubters now, eh? Where are they?”

The return comes from months of silence from supporters after a bad start with new manager, Jose Mourinho, who decided to bench Wayne Rooney for the game.

“They’ve spent the last few games being very quiet,” explained football pundit David Murphy, “This win has given them a false sense of security, and if their luck keeps up, I suspect they’ll be shiteing on about today’s win until the next big thrashing, which will probably be in 2017 sometime”.

Today’s 4-1 win is expected to be talked about by fans for the next week or so, depending if they beat Stoke city next Sunday.