Angelina Jolie Straight Down The Council For A House


WITH no other option open to her other than the street, Angelina Jolie has applied for assistance in finding accommodation from her local council for her and her children following her unexpected separation from husband Brad Pitt.

Although Jolie is a successful actress, director and humanitarian, the soaring cost of housing combined with childcare payments for her six kids has left her with no other choice than to leave work after splitting with Pitt for as yet unknown reasons.

Jolie and her children have been placed in emergency accommodation in a hotel by her local council while her application is processed, and has not been given any indication as to how long that will take. The 41-year-old is said to be heartbroken at having to quit work, but felt she had no other choice than to do what was best for her family in these trying times.

Meanwhile, gossip sources with perfect family circumstances have criticised Jolie for what they see as greed, with many asking why they should have to pay for her to be housed.

“Six kids from four fathers, and she’s asking the taxpayer to pay the bill?” argued one local charm.

“Who asked her to get married and have all them kids in the first place? What did she expect? She should have considered that maybe her marriage would break up someday in the future and she would be left with more than she could cope with. I have two kids, and I’ve looked into my crystal ball and can assure you that me and my wife will be together forever in our house and nothing will ever change that. Why can’t all families do that? Fuck the free house, a hotel is good enough for her”.

Meanwhile, free from the hassle of having to look after 6 kids, Brad Pitt has moved himself into an affordable one-bedroom flat and has therefore escaped any sort of public scrutiny.