Local Man Still Has Crippling Flashbacks To Oxegen


“SOMETIMES… sometimes it’s like I’m back in that tent,” sobs Martin Freeman, one of Ireland’s few remaining veterans of the Oxegen years, as he speaks exclusively to WWN.

Freeman, 35, did three tours of the Punchestown-based festival between 2008 and 2011, clocking up 37 registered tent-flops.

Like most of the brave souls who left their homes with visions of music, fun and laughter in their minds, Freeman soon realised that the only thing that waited for him in the muddy fields of Kildare was misery, sickness and the fear.

“The average age of a concert-goer at Slane, was 25. The average age at Oxegen, was 19,” said Freeman, who to this day cannot drink beer from a plastic pint glass without suffering flashbacks to the festival.

“We gave up our entire savings from our summer jobs to get their with our tents and our cans and our 9 euro chicken fillet rolls, and all we wanted was to come home with our dignity intact. They couldn’t even give us that”.

Five years since he last attended a festival, Freeman struggles to get through each day without painful memories of being crushed in a crowd of thousands of people who for some reason were all trying to watch The Darkness.