Ibrahim Halawa Wondering If He Can Borrow Pat Hickey’s Lawyers For A While


AFTER the Pat Hickey incident in Rio Di Janeiro showed him how quickly a rich white Irish person can get released from overseas custody, imprisoned 20-year-old Ibrahim Halawa has asked if the same legal team hired by Hickey can help him get out of the Egyptian jail where he has spent the last three years.

Irish born and bred Halawa, just 17 when he was arrested with hundreds of others during a protest in Cairo, is still awaiting trial for taking part in a demonstration in 2013 during the summer after his Leaving Cert.

Unlike IOC head-honcho Hickey, who was released just weeks after being arrested for an alleged ticket-touting scheme that contravened several Olympic council rules, Halawa has yet to see the outside of a jail since the day he was seized, and torture and threats of violence have become part of his daily routine.

With Hickey set to contest his charges and have his passport returned to him this week, Halawa has wondered if perhaps the Irish government can turn their attention to getting him back home as well.

“You sorta have to play ball with the Olympic council, you know,” said one law expert we spoke to.

“But we just couldn’t leave Mr. Hickey to rot in a jail at the same time. He’s a rich white man, so we move heaven and earth to get him home. The kid who went to Egypt to stand up against oppression there? He’ll be grand for another few years. Who did he think he was? Padraig Pearse?”

Following the latest plea by Halawa to not spend the rest of his life in jail, the internet filled itself with compassionate people who never did anything while still a child they regretted.