Terminally Ill Man Accidentally Books ‘Youth In Asia’ Summer Camp Trip


A TERMINALLY Waterford man is kicking himself after accidentally booking a trip to a ‘Youth in Asia’ summer camp at a significant cost.

“It’s just the meds I’m on, I can barely make out written text, I’m that stuffed with painkillers,” Barry Drummond explained, as he sought a way to end his pain and suffering.

“I thought to myself ‘my life has become unbearable and there won’t be a change in legislation in the next 200 years or so’, so I can suffer or be offered a humane end to my life,” Drummond added, confirming he had been hoping to book himself into an assisted suicide clinic but instead booked an expensive place in a programme which sees teenagers help impoverished people living in Thailand.

Drummond confirmed that there are no services available to him in Ireland that can help him in his desire to bring an end to his suffering, and he admitted he isn’t the first nor will he be the last to simply be ignored by politicians.

“If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry I suppose. And I’ll continue to do that until either my body gives out or I just can’t take it anymore,” Drummond added, who had long ago abandoned writing letters to TDs pleading with them to begin seriously considering assisted suicide legislation or at least discussing it in the Dáil.

“If you know any teenagers who want to go help some poor people in Thailand, let me know,” Drummon concluded, as he contemplated more pain and indignity.