Slightly Uneven Picture Frame In Local Cafe Driving Woman Slowly Insane


DUBLIN woman Shona Grogan is approaching the cusp of the precipice of the edge of complete and utter insanity in her local cafe, WWN has learned.

What was supposed to be a lovely catch up with the girls in Grinding has descended into an unbearable assault on Grogan’s fragile mind and psyche, thanks to a painting on the wall which is hanging at an uneven angle.

“Even when I’m not looking at it, I know it’s there, haunting me with its unevenness,” Grogan shared with WWN in between pretending to listen to her friends’ latest news.

“I’m smiling and nodding, but my skin is slowly trying to crawl off my body, I can’t take it. I can’t fucking take it, honestly, who hangs a picture unevenly and just walks away. It’s ruined my morning,” the 26-year-old marketing executive added.

Grogan, who wouldn’t describe herself as having any compulsion approaching an OCD condition, reiterated that she will not be able to concentrate until the picture is returned to its normal state.

“Siobhan is on about her Dad’s funeral arrangements or some shite, do you think it’s bad if I just run over now and fix the frame. Yeah, it’ll be grand, I’ll just pop over quickly she won’t even notice, and everyone in here will cheer because it’s obviously driving them mad too,” Grogan concluded, with panic infused sweat dripping from her brow.